Baby Business – Camryn’s 6-Month Edition

She’s proportionate!  Yes, the one thing every parent hopes and prays for.  Camryn is officially proportionate. Weighing in at 17 lbs. 15 oz. (75th-90th percentile), spanning 26 1/4 inches (75th percentile) and with a noggin measuring in at 17 inches around (75th percentile), our little girl no longer has to worry about the other babies in day care pointing and laughing.  (Babies can be so cruel.)

So what has CeeJay been up to the last several months? Well, she’s having a great time at daycare where the teachers love her.  (If you haven’t met her yet, she’s very snugly when she’s not trying to eat your face.)  She’s sitting up on her own.  Rolling all over the house, under tables and the occasional air vent.  She loves Bailey for some unknown reason, but we’re pretty sure she’s laughing at her and not with her.  She’s worked her way from mushy green food to mushy orange food and is now working on mushy fruity food and snacks of the puffed variety.



One of her favorite toys is an Ugly Doll named Wippy but she also loves to play/eat/pull Laney’s hair.  Everyone but Laney thinks that’s hilarious, but she’s not even four yet, so her opinion doesn’t matter much right now.  Her favorite song is the ABC’s, but she has been known to enjoy a good round of Wheels on the Bus.  She’s not talking yet, but she’s getting really close to Da Da.  Either that or David Hasselhoff.  (Although I will never forgive her for the latter.)

All in all she’s doing very well and seems to be enjoying herself.  She’s a very happy baby and we are happy that she’s happy.  We’re just trying to enjoy it all while we can while also trying to contain the force of nature that is her sister.  We know once Camryn starts talking, it’s all down hill from there.


Baby Business – 9 Months Bonus Edition

Ok… I’ve been slacking off.  Sam noticed that I never published the latest Baby Business after Laney’s 9-month check up.  I know people have been wagering on Laney’s head circumference, so I apologize if this kept you from collecting on the over/under.Laney's Penguin Towel

Laney went to the doctor on January 5th.   She was 21 lbs. 2 oz. which puts her in the 75-90th percentile.  She was 29 1/2 inches tall (95th percentile) and her head was 18 1/2 inches around which stll places her in the 97th percentile!  Yeah!!!  Eat that small-headed babies!!!!

She’s been growing up right in front of our eyes.  Since her doctor’s visit, she’s learned to crawl, mastered crawling, learned to pull up, learned to fall down, mastered falling down, started cruising, started grabbing everything, mastered shoving everything in her mouth and much more.  We are in emergency mode here trying to get the house baby proofed.  She’s already pulled up onto the first stair, so we have run out of time.

It’s hard to believe that she’s 10 1/2 months old already and her birthday is right around the corner.  For those who are interested, we are having a get together at the house the weekend after her birthday to celebrate (Saturday, March 21).  Nana, Grumpa and Grandpa will be there as well as some special guests.  (I’m talking to Don Mattingly tomorrow.)   If you are interested in coming, you are more than welcome.  But bring clothes that are easily cleaned because Laney will have her very own cake to tear into.  Think Gallager or Shamu’s Spash Zone and you’ll get the picture.

One last point of business… I know I still haven’t posted photos from our XMas trip to South Florida.  I’ll get those up ASAP.  Until then, enjoy this picture of Laney at Grampa Al’s house.  Sam put pigtails in her hair and thinks she looks like a Laney Who from a Dr. Suess book…

Laney Who

Baby Business – 6 Months Edition

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Delaney.  Since being in daycare she’s apparently been in contact with every germ in existence short of Ebola.  Being the generous baby that she is, she insists on sharing her germs with Mom and Dad.  (She’s our very own Outbeak Monkey.)  So far, Dad has been lucky and remains mostly germ free.  Mom, on the other hand, has succumbed to some alien strain that’s yet to be identified and is slowly being encased in some pod-like structure.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

So, although we’ve spent a lot more time lately at the doctor’s office, yesterday was actually planned as Laney had her 6 month check up.    You’ll be happy to know that she’s still one of the largest babies in the world for her age, weighing in at 19 lbs. 2 oz (95%), 28″ long (off the chart at >97%) and a head circumference of 17 3/4″ (97%).

In other news, she’s been saying “da da” all week and I’ve deluded myself into thinking she’s actually talking about me.   She’s spent the last two weeks working her way through the world of orange veggies and will soon make the transition to green veggies.  Sam is very excited because now we can add a new color to all of those stained clothes.  I was hoping for something in Gator blue, but there doesn’t seem to be any food item of that color that can be mooshed up into a baby poo type of consistency and bottled.

Laney also has her first tooth showing and it’s sharp.  I know this because she’s learned from Bailey how to bite, rend and tear.  Again, we’re so proud.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for all of the latest in Laney news.  Oh, one more thing.  Laney demands you vote for Obama and you really don’t want to upset Laney.  Especially now that she has teeth.