Laney Reads Entertainment Weekly

Rabbi Laney Leads Shabbat Prayers

Laney’s New Set of Wheels

Papa Schrager’s Chanukah present for Laney this year was an awesome Plasma Car.  Laney took to it like a duck to water and proceeded to tear through the house weaving through our legs at breakneck speeds with Bailey and her friend Scooter giving chase.

Laney’s Gets Her Groove Back… For the First Time

Aunt Laurie came down from the Great Smokey Mountains a few weeks ago to join us for Halloween.  And anyone who know Aunt Laurie know that where ever she goes, the party follows…

It wasn’t long before a huge dance party broke out in the living room with Laney leading the way.

Laney isn’t just a good dancer, she’s also great with various musical instruments.  She learned how to play drums when she was visiting Kerry and “Keese” in Atlanta.  When she heard the new Bon Jovi CD she couldn’t contain herself.  She grabbed the sticks and went to town…

Laney isn’t always rocking and rolliing. Sometimes she likes to kick back and read a good book. Bailey doesn’t always feel the same way…

Laney vs. Inertia

It was quite a weekend. First we caught Laney on tape for the first time pulling up and then she crawls across the floor.   At this rate, she’ll be singing show tunes by the end of the month.

Laney vs. Gravity

Although legend has it that Laney has pulled herself up before, until now it has never been caught on tape. Watch and be amazed!

Laney vs. Daddy’s Head