Laney’s 3rd Birthday Blowout

Believe it or not Delaney turned 3 last week!  Although the celebration has been going on Mickey Mouse style for over a month now, starting with Laney’s big bash at My Gym for her friends, the house was filled for the grand-finale this weekend.

It truly was March Madness at Casa del Schrager as Papa, Bumpa, Nana, Uncle Jason and Aunt Laurie were all under one roof causing mayhem and mischief and drinking all of my Diet Cherry Coke.

From dinner at the Pewter Rose to brunch at the Ballantyne Hotel, no meal went uneaten, no gift went unopened and no opportunity to annoy Bailey went untaken.

This will be Laney’s last birthday before her little sister joins us and she enjoyed every minute of it.


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Schrager-mas

One of our favorite places in Charlotte is the Ballantyne Hotel and one of the things they do best is celebrate the holidays.  Laney has been coming here to see (and sometimes run from) Santa since she was 9 months old.

Although Santa and Laney had a falling out last year, we were hoping they could let bygones be bygones.  The only problem, Santa’s nemesis, The Grinch, showed up and as you know, the enemy of Laney’s enemy is Laney’s friend.

Laney was much more interested in “The Grouch” then Santa, but she did do a lot better with the Jolly Old Elf this time around.  There was a lot less screaming and crying… but that’s because Sam was betterrested this year. (You really don’t want to be around her when she hasn’t had her 12 hours of sleep.)

– FlashBack: Laney vs. Santa 2008

– FlashBack 2: Laney vs. Santa 2008 – Part 2

Road Trip: Mumpkinville

On Day 2 of our trip to NoVa the weather cleared up, the air was crisp and the “mumpkins” were massing.  Around the corner from the Schrager Compound was “Pumkinville,” a celebration of all things mumpkin and mumkin related.

The girls got to feed animals, barrel down huge hay slides and jump in totally sanitary bounce houses before painting their very own mumpkins.

The day wasn’t without incident though.  Sam has harassed by an overly aggressive llama and will require extensive therapy.  I would have protected her, but I had to take her picture.  I have priorities.

Samantha and a Pushy Llama at Pumpkinville

Road Trip: Meeting Baby Becca

We took to the road and headed back to NoVa for the first time in 3 years to meet the newest member of the Schrager family, Baby Becca.  Although the drive was 7 hours of sheer bliss, the only thing we heard more from the back seat than the Dora theme song was “I want to go to Diana’s house!”

Laney Heads Back 2 School

Holy poop on a stick!  Laney just got back into town after a whirl-wind trip to the homeland of the East Coast Liberal Elites and a day later she’s starting her second year at CJP.  She’s very excited to see all of her old friends and can’t wait to make some new ones in her 2’s class, named the Kangaroos.

Mother’s Day 2010

Delaney Flashback to Mother’s Day 2009

Laney Goes Passover Egg Hunting

It’s hard to believe that only a few weeks ago we had frost on the ground and eggs in our bellies.  Now the pollen falls gently from the sky turning my newly washed black car a festive shade of yellow and the eggs are strewn about our neighbors yard for all of the little children to fight over.

Technically this is Laney’s 2nd Egg Hunt, but the first one doesn’t count much since her movement at the time reminded us of an egg rolling downhill.  This year she was focused, nimble and armed with the most expensive basket in the neighborhood provided by Longaberger and Samantha’s vast collection.

In the end, Laney had a pretty good haul.  She grabbed about 12 eggs filled with necklaces, M&Ms and various other candies that she quickly devoured… as far as she knows.  The rest is hiding in the kitchen cabinets.

– Laney’s Egg Hunt Photo Gallery

The Schrager Family 2009 Holiday Photo Shoot

And here’s a bonus, behind-the-scenes photo showing the making of “The Schrager Family 2009 Holiday Photo Shoot”

Laney Picks Her “Mumkin”

Holy pumpkins on a stick.  it’s already mid-October!  The air is crisp.  The leaves are changing.  Christmas displays are showing up in the stores.  It must be fall!

It so hard to believe that it’s been a year since we took Laney to a local farm for her first pumpkin picking trip.  Things are a little different this year.  She can talk.  She can walk.  She’s got attitude.  She’s got an opinion.  She knew exactly what “mumkins” she wanted and she wanted several.  She also got her hands on some gourds that looked a little too PG-13 for this blog.

She also met a bunch of farm animals for the first time.  More on that later!

Delaney Picks Pumpkins 2009

Delaney Picks Pumpkins 2009

Delaney Picks Pumpkins 2009

Delaney Picks Pumpkins 2009

Delaney Picks Pumpkins 2009

Delaney Picks Pumpkins 2009

Delaney Picks Pumpkins 2009

Delaney Picks Pumpkins 2009

Delaney Picks Pumpkins 2009

The Real Bat Mitzvahs of Atlanta

It’s been a few weeks, (and I’m well aware that I still haven’t posted the Cape Cod photos,) but I finally finished the photo gallery from our trip to Atlanta for Cousin Margo’s Bat Mitzvah.


Photo Gallery: Margo’s Bat Mitzvah – or – Laney Takes Atlanta!

The Schragers at Margo's Bat Mitzvah

Delaney At Margo's Bat Mitzvah

Laney and Margo

Laney Plays in the Grass at Margo's House

The Family at Margo's Bat Mitzvah