Schragerpalooza 2011 – Part III

Enjoy some more photos of the Schrager girls from their epic weekend together.

Becca Visits Her New Cousin

Not the best composed photo, but I love Becca’s reaction to Bailey’s kisses and the girls piling onto Aunt Laurie’s lap…

Schragerpalooza 2011 and Karrs Too – Part II

With so many Schragers in Charlotte, the city was on high alert.  It was such a rare occurrence that Aunt Laurie emerged from the mountains after hearing of the news via carrier pigeon.

Charlotte will not see such an important gathering until the Democratic National Convention rolls into town later this year.  (Although I tend to believe that the DNC will produce a lot less in the way of solid waste I would gather.)

Schragerpalooza 2011 – Part I

Just as the dust was settling from “Smith-O-Rama” along comes Schragerpalooza.

Papa flew up from Florida and the Virginia-based Schragers, Adam, Carly Diana and Becca, made the long drive down to meet the latest edition to the family and enjoy some free Cherry Coke Zero.

Some might say that having that many Schrager under one roof is a sign of the Apocalypse, but others would say it was a recipe for a very busy and entertaining weekend.

No.  This picture is not blurry.  It must be your eyes.  Go get them checked.

Road Trip: Mumpkinville

On Day 2 of our trip to NoVa the weather cleared up, the air was crisp and the “mumpkins” were massing.  Around the corner from the Schrager Compound was “Pumkinville,” a celebration of all things mumpkin and mumkin related.

The girls got to feed animals, barrel down huge hay slides and jump in totally sanitary bounce houses before painting their very own mumpkins.

The day wasn’t without incident though.  Sam has harassed by an overly aggressive llama and will require extensive therapy.  I would have protected her, but I had to take her picture.  I have priorities.

Samantha and a Pushy Llama at Pumpkinville

Road Trip: Meeting Baby Becca

We took to the road and headed back to NoVa for the first time in 3 years to meet the newest member of the Schrager family, Baby Becca.  Although the drive was 7 hours of sheer bliss, the only thing we heard more from the back seat than the Dora theme song was “I want to go to Diana’s house!”

The Schragers Take Charlotte

We had a big weekend at the Schrager Estate last weekend when Uncle Adam, Aunt Carly and Cousin Diana came to visit from Virginia.   If that wasn’t enough,  Aunt Laurie emerged from the mountains to see her shadow, which as we all know, means 6 more weeks of Spring.

Laney and Diana had a great time together.  Nothing (and no one) was seriously damaged and Bailey was surprisingly only mildly annoying.  Everyone enjoyed “Good Night Moon” the musical until that stupid, scary moon started talking at the end.  Now I have to beat up the moon or look like a bad father to my daughter.

All in all, it was a great weekend and Laney can’t wait to have her bath buddy back for another swim.