How Do You Like Them Apples?

Summer is coming to an end and Rosh Hoshana is right around the corner, so why should Laney wait to bust out the fall outfits?

Back to School

How quickly time flies.  Only a day after returning from our family vacation to the Cape, it was time for Laney to start a new year at school.  This year she’s one of Ms. Ashantai’s Rainbows and has moved up to the second floor with the “big kids.”

She’s pretty excited to be back with her friends and will be attending swimming lessons during the week as well… and after the progress we saw from her in the water at the Cape, we’re starting to think she’s part fish.

Ballet Day!

After months of anticipation and practice, the day is finally here… Ballet Camp!

Delaney and Kaitlyn couldn’t wait to head off for their first day of spinning and pirouetting and they had the outfits to prove it.

I Know What You Did This Summer

This is the first year Laney has gone to Camp Katan and she loved it.  Among other things, she’s been taking swimming lessons every day as she prepares for the Cape, she attends weekly Taekwondo lessons as she prepares to take over the world and she has Science classes as she prepares to take over the world.

With camp coming to an end, she’s looking for a new year at CJP with all of her friends… as she prepared to take over the world.

Easy Like Saturday Morning

It’s 110 outside, but the Schrager girls are chillin’ out this Saturday morning watching some ‘toons and getting ready for breakfast.



So You Think She Can Dance?

Delaney has spent the last 5 weeks at Camp Katan, but starting next week she’s headed to Ballet Camp and she’s so excited, she just can’t hide it!  She got to pick out her new ballet outfit and slippers today and couldn’t wait to put them on.

She ran around the house on her tippy toes, spinning all over the place showing us her new moves.

Cooler Than The Other Side of the Pillow

It’s been hot here.  Well, not exactly hot.  Incredibly, horribly, oppressively hot.  But even in this record heat, Delaney and Camryn are way cool.  Just check out those awesome matching shirts they’re sporting which were gifts from our neighbors the Moody’s.

You wish you could be this cool.  I know I do.  Have I mentioned it’s hot?

Watch Your Back Katy Perry

Laney was pretty wired the night before we went to visit Aunt Laurie.  After Sam took Laney to bed and before I went up to tuck her it, we could hear her downstairs and she belted out her new mega-hit.  I had to go upstairs with a camera to capture some footage whatever future singing realty show she ends up on.


Schragerpalooza 2011 – The Final Chapter… For Now

Schragerpalooza 2011 wasn’t over just yet.  One of the traditions we have anytime Aunt Laurie makes the long trek down from the mountains is breakfast at the Ballantyne Hotel. (It’s so rare that she’s able to partake in “city food” as she calls it, that we like to expose her to as much of it as we can before she disappears back into the wild.)

It was great to see everyone and the girls had a great time.  They can’t wait to destroy the Cape though… you’ve been warned.



Schragerpalooza 2011 – Part III

Enjoy some more photos of the Schrager girls from their epic weekend together.

Becca Visits Her New Cousin

Not the best composed photo, but I love Becca’s reaction to Bailey’s kisses and the girls piling onto Aunt Laurie’s lap…