A Bronx Tale

It was an historic day in New York on Monday, Sept. 22, 2011.  Not just because it was the day that Mariano Rivera threw his 602nd save, becoming baseball’s best reliever of all-time, but it was also the day that the Schrager Family visited the new Yankee Stadium for the first time.

It was quite an experience for everyone involved.  From the long trek across Central Park to catch the only subway line running to the stadium that day, to Laney’s first Nathan’s corn dog and Carvel helmet treat,  to realizing we could be witnesses to history as Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” started blaring over the stadium speakers, it wan an exhausting and memorable adventure.

I hope Fenway Park is ready to provide an equally memorable experience when we take the girls there in the future.



(That’s Mariano Rivera over Laney’s shoulder!)



Pretty in Plaid

Laney woke up one morning and decided that she wanted to wear matching outfits with  Camryn.  Luckily she didn’t do the same for me and Sam.

When I See You Smilin’

Camryn’s smile has been a bit like a vampire.  We all know they exist, but they’re almost impossible to capture in a photo.  I’m happy to report that the myth became reality yesterday when I was finally able to snap a picture of Camryn’s beautiful smile!

Camryn in Dramatic Lighting

I took this photo of Camryn today and it reminded me of one I took of Laney at about the same age.  Sunrise… sunset…

Delaney on July 7, 2008

Easy Like Saturday Morning

It’s 110 outside, but the Schrager girls are chillin’ out this Saturday morning watching some ‘toons and getting ready for breakfast.



Cooler Than The Other Side of the Pillow

It’s been hot here.  Well, not exactly hot.  Incredibly, horribly, oppressively hot.  But even in this record heat, Delaney and Camryn are way cool.  Just check out those awesome matching shirts they’re sporting which were gifts from our neighbors the Moody’s.

You wish you could be this cool.  I know I do.  Have I mentioned it’s hot?

Baby Business – Camryn’s 1 Month Edition

It seems like we blinked and Camryn’s 4 1/2 weeks old.  Then again, we blinked a few times and Laney was 3 years old, so we shouldn’t be that surprized.

Well, we went to the doctor yesterday because Laney needed some new rubber “glubs” and a handful of Dora stickers, so we figured while we were there we’d have someone check under Camryn’s hood.

After a slow start, she’s up to a healthy 10 lbs. 3 oz. (80th percentile) and is now 22 inches long (75th percentile.)  In what may come as a surprise to most people who know the Schragers, her head is average size at 14 1/2 inches (50% percentile.)

Delaney was in the room for the check-up to make sure everything was done to her exacting standards, but chose to leave the room before any immunizations were administered.  I went with her because the nurses don’t like it when she tells them how to do their job and not because I hate seeing my girls cry from their shots.

Next appointment for Camryn is right before we leave for the Cape.  Holy lobster!

Schragerpalooza 2011 – Part III

Enjoy some more photos of the Schrager girls from their epic weekend together.

Becca Visits Her New Cousin

Not the best composed photo, but I love Becca’s reaction to Bailey’s kisses and the girls piling onto Aunt Laurie’s lap…

Camryn’s Anticlimactic First Bath

We’re still a tad traumatized from Delaney’s first bath 3 years after the fact, but it had to be done. Things had started sticking to Camryn, like papers, socks and lots of Bailey fluff.  According to most parenting books and a few blogs, that was completely unacceptable.  She needed to be bathed.

To our complete and utter amazement Camryn loved it.  She just leaned back and enjoyed the experience. We’re not convinced that she’s not setting us up for something terrible down the road though, so we’re not letting our guard down.


For more screaming and crying, be sure to check out this classic video of Delaney’s first bath:


Schragerpalooza 2011 and Karrs Too – Part II

With so many Schragers in Charlotte, the city was on high alert.  It was such a rare occurrence that Aunt Laurie emerged from the mountains after hearing of the news via carrier pigeon.

Charlotte will not see such an important gathering until the Democratic National Convention rolls into town later this year.  (Although I tend to believe that the DNC will produce a lot less in the way of solid waste I would gather.)