The Schragers Take Charlotte

We had a big weekend at the Schrager Estate last weekend when Uncle Adam, Aunt Carly and Cousin Diana came to visit from Virginia.   If that wasn’t enough,  Aunt Laurie emerged from the mountains to see her shadow, which as we all know, means 6 more weeks of Spring.

Laney and Diana had a great time together.  Nothing (and no one) was seriously damaged and Bailey was surprisingly only mildly annoying.  Everyone enjoyed “Good Night Moon” the musical until that stupid, scary moon started talking at the end.  Now I have to beat up the moon or look like a bad father to my daughter.

All in all, it was a great weekend and Laney can’t wait to have her bath buddy back for another swim.


Laney’s New Set of Wheels

Papa Schrager’s Chanukah present for Laney this year was an awesome Plasma Car.  Laney took to it like a duck to water and proceeded to tear through the house weaving through our legs at breakneck speeds with Bailey and her friend Scooter giving chase.

Laney vs. The Sick Day

Laney had to stay home from school with a nasty cold.  I stayed home to keep her company and to make sure she didn’t burn the house down.  I documented some of the fun for your enjoyment.

Laney Feeds Bailey

Laney Discovers Sesame Street

Laney Does Some Housekeeping

Laney Goes For The Silver

Laney Being Laney

Laney Gets Ready For School

Laney Destroys Pasta

Laney Eats Pasta

Laney and Bailey Share A Bath

Laney Has Some Big Shoes To Fill...Dad's

Now Bailey AND Delaney Can Both Sit!

Bailey Aproves of Delaney’s Custom Corgi Onesie

Outfit courtesy of Kristina Giasi’s House of Kustom Korgi Kreations n’ Check Kashing.

Bailey Aproves of Delaney\'s Custom Corgi Onsie

Delaney-Free Photos of the Day

Delaney was getting pretty sick of being the subject of endless photo sessions.  Yesterday she turned the tables on us and I couldn’t be prouder.  She’s still got some things to learn, like framing and the rule of thirds, but it’s not so bad for a 7-week-old.  Now if I could just get her to stop pooping in her pants…

Shawn, Samantha and Bailey

Shawn, Samantha and Bailey

Great Aunt Laurie Meets Great Niece Delaney

Great Aunt Laurie Meets Great Niece Delaney

Great Aunt Laurie Meets Great Niece Delaney

Don’t Mess With My Sister!

Delaney and Bailey Take a Nap

The Schrager Girls… Together Again for the First Time

Bailey’s Homecoming

Bailey Attacks Grandpa Peter and Nana

Bailey Meets Delaney

The Schrager Girls