An Important Message From Delaney…

We are the Schrager Family and we approve of this message.


Road Trip: Mumpkinville

On Day 2 of our trip to NoVa the weather cleared up, the air was crisp and the “mumpkins” were massing.  Around the corner from the Schrager Compound was “Pumkinville,” a celebration of all things mumpkin and mumkin related.

The girls got to feed animals, barrel down huge hay slides and jump in totally sanitary bounce houses before painting their very own mumpkins.

The day wasn’t without incident though.  Sam has harassed by an overly aggressive llama and will require extensive therapy.  I would have protected her, but I had to take her picture.  I have priorities.

Samantha and a Pushy Llama at Pumpkinville

Road Trip: Meeting Baby Becca

We took to the road and headed back to NoVa for the first time in 3 years to meet the newest member of the Schrager family, Baby Becca.  Although the drive was 7 hours of sheer bliss, the only thing we heard more from the back seat than the Dora theme song was “I want to go to Diana’s house!”

Delaney and Samantha Dream of Sleeping

Delaney and Samantha Dream of Sleeping

Delaney Emoting Picture of the Day

One of the photos of Delaney that everyone seems to love is the one where she’s bawling after her first bath.  Although she’s taken to enjoying her baths, she seems to really hate anything that comes directly afterward.  Like drying.  So enjoy a slice of heaven with us as I present the next in an ongoing series of Delaney screaming bloody murder.

Delaney Sings

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Delaney Doesn\'t Take Junk From No One

Bailey Aproves of Delaney’s Custom Corgi Onesie

Outfit courtesy of Kristina Giasi’s House of Kustom Korgi Kreations n’ Check Kashing.

Bailey Aproves of Delaney\'s Custom Corgi Onsie

Delaney Takes an Anticlimactic Bath

Delaney takes a bath and there’s surprisingly little drama.  Oh well, I guess there’s always 5 minutes from now.

It’s Not Gas! The Movie

It’s Not Gas!

Delaney Smiles!