Halloween Dreams 2011

Halloween was filled with firsts this year.  It was Camryn’s first time taking part in the festivities.  It was Laney’s first year not dressed as a Lady Bug.  And it was the first year that Bailey didn’t have to be medically sedated.

The weather was perfect as the little ghouls and goblins set out to collect as many calories as they could stuff in their bags.  Laney decided early on that she wanted to be a princess this year and thanks to Nana, she had the perfect Rapunzel dress and flowing locks.

Laney teamed up again with her partner in treats, Kaitlyn, and the neighborhood didn’t know what hit them.  No candy bar was left behind as the duo hit every house in a 2 block radius while Mommy and Camryn handed out candy at the house.

After inspecting her candy and sampling the take, Laney was already making plans for next year.


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