Eat Yay! Love

Camryn is growing like a sprout and believe it or not, she just had her first meal that wasn’t attached to Sam.

She’s been getting very vocal at dinner when we all sit down to eat and she’s in her swing.  She doesn’t like the fact that she can’t be at the table with us, so even though I wasn’t ready, I brought up the high chair from the basement.  After that, it was only a matter of time before she wanted to eat with what we were eating.  (She doesn’t know that we don’t eat warm rice cereal, but she’s a baby and babies are easily fooled.)

So it was time for Camryn to try her first bowl of “real food” and just like every Schrager before her, she took to it like Schragers take to eating food.  It’s all down hill from here.



Easy Like Sunday Morning

How do you cap off a busy weekend filled with skating Disney Princesses and Break Fasting with the Tuckers, Barrons and Hughes?  Well, Sunday brunch with the Spieglers of course.

Ben, Ethan, Jason and Karen were kind and brave enough to invite us over to their house for bagels and and a shmear this Sunday and they didn’t even lose a bet.  We had a great time trying to forget about the Yankees and Phillies getting eliminated from the Playoffs as the kids had a great time tearing the place up.

We may never get invited back, but we’ve got some great pictures to remember them by.

View the whole gallery here on SmugMug.


Camryn & Laney’s Laughin’

You know what comes right after baby smiles, right?  Baby gas, baby poop and baby spit up… but soon after that you get baby laughs!

Flashback: I still dare you not to laugh while you’re watching this.