When I See You Smilin’

Camryn’s smile has been a bit like a vampire.  We all know they exist, but they’re almost impossible to capture in a photo.  I’m happy to report that the myth became reality yesterday when I was finally able to snap a picture of Camryn’s beautiful smile!

Camryn in Dramatic Lighting

I took this photo of Camryn today and it reminded me of one I took of Laney at about the same age.  Sunrise… sunset…

Delaney on July 7, 2008

Back to School

How quickly time flies.  Only a day after returning from our family vacation to the Cape, it was time for Laney to start a new year at school.  This year she’s one of Ms. Ashantai’s Rainbows and has moved up to the second floor with the “big kids.”

She’s pretty excited to be back with her friends and will be attending swimming lessons during the week as well… and after the progress we saw from her in the water at the Cape, we’re starting to think she’s part fish.

What Happens In Cape Cod… Doesn’t Stay In Cape Cod

Sorry Mitch… but those glasses are begging to be mocked.