Waiting For Baby Sister – Part 2

The reality of the situation really started to set in this weekend as we finished preparations for our new arrival.  Something seemed to click with Laney right after I finished putting together our new stroller.

Laney climbed in to make sure that everything was up to her exacting standards.  Then she grabbed “Molly” her dolly and carried her around like Baby Sister.  She placed Molly in the stroller and read her Llama Llama Red Pajamas a few times working out the kinks so she’d have her performance perfected.


Waiting For Baby Sister – Part 1

Memorial Day 2011 was more than just another holiday.  It was the last weekend before Delaney becomes a Big Sister and we wanted to make it special.

The weather was beautiful and Laney took full advantage of it cooking out, riding her bike and swimming in the Brincefield’s amazing pool every day.

Mother’s Day 2011

With only weeks left until Samantha becomes a mommy again, Laney was kind enough to take us out to the Morehead Inn in Charlotte to celebrate Mother’s Day.  She wanted Sam to have a nice brunch so there would be no mistake as to who the older sister was when that new baby showed up.

(She also informed us that she had embarrassing Photoshopped pictures of Sam wearing a Yankees hat which she would hate to post, but that’s between Sam and Laney.)

– Delaney Flashback to Mother’s Day 2010

– Delaney Flashback to Mother’s Day 2009

April Showers Bring May Sprinkle Flowers

Laney and Lia took advantage of a warm afternoon to tear up the front yard playing in our new Sprinkle Flower.  With Bailey safely sequestered and sedated inside, the girls officially kicked off the Spring Sprinkler Season in style.