Laney’s 3rd Birthday Blowout

Believe it or not Delaney turned 3 last week!  Although the celebration has been going on Mickey Mouse style for over a month now, starting with Laney’s big bash at My Gym for her friends, the house was filled for the grand-finale this weekend.

It truly was March Madness at Casa del Schrager as Papa, Bumpa, Nana, Uncle Jason and Aunt Laurie were all under one roof causing mayhem and mischief and drinking all of my Diet Cherry Coke.

From dinner at the Pewter Rose to brunch at the Ballantyne Hotel, no meal went uneaten, no gift went unopened and no opportunity to annoy Bailey went untaken.

This will be Laney’s last birthday before her little sister joins us and she enjoyed every minute of it.


Deep Thoughts With Delaney Schrager

It was a beautiful day out today, so Laney decided to head out on her bike and take some “me time” to jot down some contemplative thoughts now that she’s the big 3.


Princess Laney’s Purim Birthday

Holy humentachen!  Laney’s 3rd birthday falls on Purim and that means today is twice as celebratory.  The whole school got dressed up for a parade in Laney’s honor (and a little bit for Purim.)

Princess Laney wanted to dress the part and got a special new princess hat for the special big day.  More photos to come!


Laney Gets Her Groove On

Laney really love to listen to music and sometimes the beat just overtakes her and she has to let loose.



Laney the Water Bug