It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Schrager-mas

One of our favorite places in Charlotte is the Ballantyne Hotel and one of the things they do best is celebrate the holidays.  Laney has been coming here to see (and sometimes run from) Santa since she was 9 months old.

Although Santa and Laney had a falling out last year, we were hoping they could let bygones be bygones.  The only problem, Santa’s nemesis, The Grinch, showed up and as you know, the enemy of Laney’s enemy is Laney’s friend.

Laney was much more interested in “The Grouch” then Santa, but she did do a lot better with the Jolly Old Elf this time around.  There was a lot less screaming and crying… but that’s because Sam was betterrested this year. (You really don’t want to be around her when she hasn’t had her 12 hours of sleep.)

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