An Important Message From Delaney…

We are the Schrager Family and we approve of this message.


Laney Reads Entertainment Weekly

…All For The Gators, Stand Up And Holler!

Gators fans don’t have a lot to cheer about this fall, but Laney isn’t a fair-weather fan.  She knows this is a rebuilding year and she refuses to wallow in despair, preferring instead to crunch in the leaves.

Laney, what does a Gator do?  “Chomp! Chomp!”

Rabbi Laney Leads Shabbat Prayers

A Boo-tiful Night for Halloween 2010

The weather was perfect for Halloween 2010… a far cry from last year when the skies opened up on us 10 minutes after we hit the streets.

Laney couldn’t wait to fill her pumpkin pail with goodies and had a very successful evening.  She also ate her first peanut butter cup, which was quickly followed by a 10 minute sugar rush that involved much jumping on our bed.

Now we just have to make sure the bag of candy stays well out of reach for the next few months or she might bounce through the roof.

Flashback: Halloween 2009

– Flashback II: The Littlest Laney Bug