Father’s Day 2010

Laney’s Got Class

Laney just completed her first year at the Charlotte Jewish Preschool.  She made some great friends and fell in love with her teachers… especially Ms. Lindsay, who Laney bestowed the nickname of  “C.C.” one day for no good reason that we know except that she wanted it so.

It’s amazing how much she learned this year as a member of the Mini Munchkins and she loved almost every minute of it.  We hope most of her class will stay together next year, but if not, there’s plenty of new friends to make.

Although school’s out, Laney will be spending a lot of time at the JCC and the Splash Park with her friends and family so she’ll never be too far from her fellow Munchkins.  And although it may not look it from the picture, I promise, they all tend to smile a bit.

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