Toddler Tidbits: 2-Year Edition

The flowers are blooming, the pollen is floating and the humidity is… moistening.  It’s Sprummer, that wonderful time between Spring and Summer when the weather is all schizophrenic and Bailey’s hair migrates south… and north… and east… and everywhere.

Laney turned two in March and had her latest visit to the doctor to see if her cuteness is contagious.  (Yeah, that was bad.  But what are you gonna do?  She’s cute, and I need to fill enough space here to get these photos wrapped with text.  Deal with it.)

Laney is now weighing in at 31.4 lbs. (90th-95th percentile), has a head circumference of 19 3/4 inches (97th percentile) and is 36 1/4 inches tall (97th percentile.)

We know these numbers to be exact because, opposite of our last visit, Laney was incredibly well behaved. (It’s amazing what the promise of stickers will get a 2-year-old to do!  I got my car washed last weekend for 2 Dora stickers and a Silly Band.  I could have gotten my interior detailed as well, but I had nothing from Yo Gabba Gabba on me at the time.)

Laney is growing like a weed.  She’s having conversations with anyone who will take time to listen.  She dances just like her father.  Poorly.  But she enjoys it a lot more… and she’s improving daily.  She loves school, her friends and her teachers and it seems like they love her back.

She’s singing and running and riding and climbing and throwing and spinning and spinning and spinning and jumping and laughing and spinning.

She’s happy, healthy and awesome.  What else could you want?  (Money.  Lots and lots of money.  Just saying.)

Well, that’s it for now.  We look forward to visiting with everyone at the Cape in August and have plans to see many of you before then.  Laney asks for you often.  She has pictures.  I’m not sure where she got those, but she has them.  Lots of them.  Even the ones you don’t want her to see.  Remember that when you’re out shopping.

Feel free to stop in and say hi if you are ever in the Charlotte area.  The basement and Bailey are all yours!  And I just realized I never posted pictures from Laney’s 2nd Birthday Party.  I’ll try and get those up soon.

Go Gators!

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