Laney Goes Passover Egg Hunting

It’s hard to believe that only a few weeks ago we had frost on the ground and eggs in our bellies.  Now the pollen falls gently from the sky turning my newly washed black car a festive shade of yellow and the eggs are strewn about our neighbors yard for all of the little children to fight over.

Technically this is Laney’s 2nd Egg Hunt, but the first one doesn’t count much since her movement at the time reminded us of an egg rolling downhill.  This year she was focused, nimble and armed with the most expensive basket in the neighborhood provided by Longaberger and Samantha’s vast collection.

In the end, Laney had a pretty good haul.  She grabbed about 12 eggs filled with necklaces, M&Ms and various other candies that she quickly devoured… as far as she knows.  The rest is hiding in the kitchen cabinets.

– Laney’s Egg Hunt Photo Gallery