Laney Hits the Party Scene

Birthday season is winding down for Laney as her 2nd fast approaches.  She’s been really enjoying the party scene in Charlotte these last few months as all of her classmates have turned two.

This weekend, Laney busted out the formal pink bow for Lia’s big musical-themed shin dig.  Laney and Lia are good friends who eat breakfast together almost every morning with the occasional breaks for the obligatory dance parties.

Everyone who was anyone was there… including Laney’s teacher Ms. Linsday.  Or as she calls her.  Cee cee.  (No.  We have no idea why.)

Check out all of the photos here:  Lia’s 2nd Birthday Party.  Also, check out the photos from Ben and Mira’s 2nd Birthday from a few weeks ago.

Laney Enjoys a Cupcake at Lia's Party

Laney and Lia Enjoy Some Cupcakes

Laney and Ms. Linsay at Lia's Birthday Party

Laney on the Big Swing

Laney Hugs Lia

Laney Plays at Lia's