What Do Winnie and Laney Have In Common?


That’s right folks.  It’s potty time!  Laney had a huge milestone today when she went “poopie on the potty” for the first time.  Samantha and I are so proud we had to take a picture of the momentous occasion… but for all of you who thought I would also take a picture of the now famous “poopie,” you’ll be disappointed.  You’ll have to come to house to see it proudly displayed on the shelf, right next to my 1996 Gators National Championship team-signed football.

Here are the details.  Laney woke up this morning and told Sam that she had to go “poopie in the potty.”  Laney had been going “pee pee in the potty” occasionally over the last few weeks and we thought that’s what she meant.  Sam took her diaper off and saw that she had not gone overnight, so the stage was set!  Laney sat down and quickly did her business to the surprise of us all.  Great rejoicing commenced followed by the ceremonial flushing of the poopie.

The celebration continued at school when Laney informed her teacher Ms. Lindsay (who Laney calls See See for some reason.)  More rejoicing occurred  followed by the ceremonial stamping of the tummy… twice!

So there you go.  The very definition of  TMI.  But what do you expect from two proud parents?


Laney’s Bad Hair Day

Seriously… don’t mess with Laney until she’s had her first cup of juice and ‘nacks in the morning.

This was taken at Papa’s house in Lake Worth during our trip to South Florida around the holiday’s.  I have a lot more photos from the trip and promise to post those as soon as I get some free time.