Toddler Tidbits: 19-Month Edition

Delaney Enjoys Some JuiceIt’s fall!  The leaves are changing and dropping from the trees.  Mums are everywhere and the Yankees are back in the World Series!  Ahhh… finally, all is right with the world.

Fall also signals Laney’s latest visit to the doctor not necessitated by projectile boogers, whooping sneeze or any ear-related engorgements.  It was time for her 18-month checkup.  Or in this case, her 19-month checkup, because Laney likes to do everything to the EXTREME!!!

Laney is currently weighing in at 29 lbs. (93rd percentile), has a head circumference of 19 1/4 inches (95th percentile) and is about 35 inches tall (>97th percentile.)  I say “about” because we’re not really sure how tall she is.

Since her last visit to the doctor’s where they gave her a strep test, she’s not so fond of the fine folks at Arboretum Pediatrics.  As soon as they laid her down on the bed, she went into super-squirm mode making it difficult to mark off her height.  Not happy with estimates, I was able to entice Laney onto the scale after she was done with her exam in hopes of getting a more accurate reading.

How hard can it be to measure a 19-month-old?  They’re knee high for cripes sake.

Well, Laney's Pigtailslet me tell you how hard it is to measure a 19-month-old.  As of right now, I’m no longer allowed in Arboretum Pediatrics.  At least not until the heat dies down.  See, although I was able to get her on the scale, apparently the little bar that you pull down to measure height is to Laney what a machete is to most of those teenagers in the Friday the 13th movies. (Nice Halloween tie in there, huh?)

Laney looked up and saw the bar coming down and let out a blood-curdling shriek that caused 20 nurses, doctors, parents and children to stop everything they were doing so they could look at me in abject horror.  (I found out later that the good folks at Chik-fil-a across the street also notified authorities of an animal in distress.)  Needless to say, Laney took off for the safety of Mommy and left me standing there trying not to look dangerous.

All in all, Laney is doing fine.  She is enjoying school very much.  She’s learning new words every day and if Mommy is not careful, she is going to learn a few – how should we say – “colorful” words sooner rather then later.  She’s got her Tinkerbell costume all ready for Halloween thanx to Nana and is working on some new tricks for Thanxgiving involving turkey and ceilings.

We look forward to spending time with the family and can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year!   Stay tuned…

Delaney Waters The Flowers