Delaney and Diana Visit Aunt Laurie

We all took a trip up to Blowing Rock last weekend to spend the day with Adam, Carly and Diana who were in town visiting Aunt Laurie and gathering berries for the coming winter.

We all had a great time visiting, napping and stool racing.  Bailey also joined us to make sure no bears wandered into camp.

Delaney and Diana at Aunt Laurie's

Laney At Aunt Laurie's

Delaney and Diana Race Stools

Diana and Her Racing Stool
Diana and Adam in Blowing Rock

Delaney and Her Racing Stool

Papa and Aunt Laurie Come For a Visit

I’m still way behind in photo posting.  It is football season after all.  So cut me some slack!

A few weeks ago, Big “Papa” came to town for a visit.  Then to make things even better, Aunt Laurie took a break from hoarding buckeyes for the winter and joined us in the low lands!

We all had a great time.  Here are some photos of the momentous occasion.

Papa and Delaney

Papa and Laney Blow Bubbles

Aunt Laurie Plays With Laney's Toy

Laney Gets Ready to Go to Breakfast with Papa and Aunt Laurie

Laney Plays With Aunt Laurie