Daddy vs. Laney’s First Haircut

Well, we knew this day was coming from the first time we laid eyes on Laney and her full head of hair.  With her first birthday just around the corner and her hair so long she was tripping over it while trying to walk, it was time to take Laney for her first haircut.

This was an extremely traumatic event for all involved.  Sam was a nervous wreck from the moment I suggested it and it didn’t get any better until we were done.  Laney was great until she felt her power waning with each little snip of the scissors.  I was looking forward to seeing my daughter’s face without the aid of hair doodads and doohickies but quickly retreated to the corner of “Pigtails & Crewcuts” assuming the fetal position the more we cut.

Afterwards, Sam seemed happy with the results even though she planed to do some touch up work sometime soon and agreed it wasn’t the best use of $19.  Laney was happy to be out of the chair/police car and was drunk on animal crackers and non-stop Nemo.  She recovered next store at the high-priced, foo foo toy shop and is doing nicely, thank you for asking.

I on the other hand still have not recovered.  Sam has been doing her best to console me and assured me it’ll be ok, but I still haven’t been able to get those images of Laney’s hair falling to the ground out of my head.  Luckily I have photos and videos to remind me if I ever do.   Ironically, I stopped taking pictures at some point during “the incident” and didn’t get an “after” picture.  I’ll be sure to post those later if I ever get around to it.

Laney's First Haircut

Laney's First Haircut

Laney's First Haircut

Laney Gets Ready for Her First Haircut

Laney's First Haircut

Laney's First Haircut

2 Responses

  1. OK, the kid is really cute but couldn’t you wait 1 more year to visit Cow Licks?

  2. I would have, but her hair would have been down to her ankles by then.

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