Laney vs. Snow

Laney experienced her first snowfall today.  From my estimates it was about 3-4 inches and it’s been cold enough to stick.  It made for some beautiful scenery.  After watching President Obama take his oath of office, Sam bundled Laney up in her snow suit with her “Obama Rocks!” t-shirt underneath and we took her outside to play.  She looks like Maggie Simpson in a sumu suit.  We laughed.  Laney cried.  It was better than Cats!

Laney vs. Snow

Laney Gets Ready To Attack the Snow

Laney vs. Snow

Laney vs. Snow

Laney 0, Snow 1

Laney vs. The Coffee Table

Now that Laney is mobile, she’s exploring the living room.  Unfortunately she hasn’t gotten all of the details worked out yet.  She was able to get under the coffee table, but couldn’t figure out how to get out at first.

I eventually helped her escape, but not until I got the camera and fired off a few shots… of course.

Laney vs. The Coffee Table

Laney vs. The Coffee Table 2

Laney vs. Inertia

It was quite a weekend. First we caught Laney on tape for the first time pulling up and then she crawls across the floor.   At this rate, she’ll be singing show tunes by the end of the month.

Laney vs. Gravity

Although legend has it that Laney has pulled herself up before, until now it has never been caught on tape. Watch and be amazed!

Laney Celebrates Her First Gator National Championship

Laney Celebrates The Gators' Latest National Championship

Delaney's Favorite Quarterback Tim Tebow

Laney Celebrates The Gators' Latest National Championship With Tebow the Gator Bear

Laney vs. Oklahoma

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  I promise to pick up the slack here in a bit with some holiday photos and our trip to South Florida.  In the meantime, Laney is very excited about the Gators playing for their 3rd National Championship tonight and decided to sport the orange and blue to support the team.  She’s also become very attached to her new friend, Tebow the Gator Bear.  Go Gators!

Laney Supports Her Team