Laney vs. Santa Claus

Being a young Jewish kid in the world today, Laney felt a little left out when all of the pretty twinkle lights and XMas trees went up around the neighborhood right after Thanxgiving.  We tried to explain to her that being Jewish we also had some very exciting traditions that she would get to enjoy later in the month… like potato pancakes and wooden tops.

Despite her obvious excitement, Laney insatiable appetite for knowledge remained and she demanded to meet this Santa dude to see what all of the hype was about.  She got her chance Saturday morning at the Ballantyne Resort in Charlotte.

Although we expected much crying, hair pulling and screaming, Santa was surprisingly well behaved.

Laney Meets Santa for the First Time

Laney Meets Santa for the First Time

One Response

  1. I’m happy to see that the Smith family tradition of the Santa visit is being continued. Laney is much better behaved than her mom…Samantha nearly un-bearded Santa!

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