Deep Thoughts with Laney and Dad

Yes We Did!!! Photos of the Week

I’m sorry I haven’t posted more recently, but I got the poop knocked out of me last week with some mysterious illness that I’m sure was given to me by those drooling petri dishes known as “babies” at Laney’s daycare.  They really should disinfect those things once in a while.  It’s like a room full of Outbreak monkeys.  Ew.

Then there was this election thing that some of you might have heard of.  We’re still flying high and trying to catch up on our sleep.  Laney was especially happy and made a big spalsh at school Wednesday morning with her “Obama Rocks!” shirt.  So needless to say, it’s been a bit crazy around here.

Please enjoy some fresh Laney photos for your viewing enjoyment.


Laney Plays at School