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Delaney Hates Having Her Hair Contained Photo of the Day

Baby Business – 4 Months Edition

Delaney had her 4-month doctor’s visit on Friday and we’re happy to report she’s still huge.  Get this.  25 1/4 inches long, 16 lbs. 13 oz. and a head the size of a cantaloupe… or about 16 inches round!  That’s 97th percentile!  They needed to bring in a special scale that Home Depot usually uses to weigh lumber… although I’m not sure why anyone would be weighing lumber.  But there you go.

In other news, although she’s not driving yet, Laney Bug has rolled over on a couple of occasions.  She laughs from time to time… usually when you stub your toe or do something embarrassing.  She babbles a lot, which is usually followed by blood-curdling screams.

Also, to everyone’s delight, the Drool Fairy came to visit a few weeks ago and we’re all in a constant state of moist.  It’s great.  Really.

We’re all looking forward to our big trip to the Cape and not sleeping for a week… which would be sort of like being home but with lobster bisque.  (If anyone would like to rent Delaney for a few nights at the Cape, please let us know.)

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled blog programming.

Delaney’s First Trip (and Mommy’s first post)!

Delaney and I made our first foray into the world of travel last week, visiting Nana, Grandpa, and Uncle Jason in Longmeadow while Shawn was at the All-Star Game (more on that in a separate post from Shawn.)  Delaney was a real champ on the airplane and spent most of her time eating and sleeping.  She even put up with seemingly endless hours in the Baby Bjorn!

We started our vacation at Soundview Beach where Delaney met her grandparents’ neighbors Tom and Claudia, and Sandy, Craig, Samantha, and Amanda.  Amanda gave Laney a very stylin’ pair of Dora the Explorer flip-flops and insisted that Laney follow the house rules and keep her “shoes on!”

On Sunday more of our favorite people came by to visit, including Jason’s godparents Pat and Denny “Papa” Cronin, who were very patient with our slightly overwhelmed Laney.  Laney loved the sand, ocean, and all the attention she received at the beach…the loud motorcycles not so much.

On Monday we headed back to Longmeadow.  Delaney had such a big weekend she slept the whole way.  We visited one of Nana’s mah jong groups and met Bailey’s nemesis… Cat.

Atalanta was a little confused around the baby, who seemed to be occupying some of the cat’s favorite spots, but, like everyone else, she loved petting Delaney’s hair!

Monday night, more of Nana and Grandpa’s friends came by to visit.  Laney thanked Phyllis in person for the cool exersaucer she can now play in, and met the ladies from Nana’s other mah jong group.  Laney also met Arlene and Ed, who drove down from Pittsfield just to meet her!

Tuesday was a full day for Delaney.  She had her first Italian lesson and met Nana’s instructor’s adorable son James (Giacamo).  Delaney’s face absolutely lit up when the teacher spoke to her in Italian!

Then, after a quick appointment and a small shopping spree at the Kiddlywinks sidewalk sale, Uncle Jason took the ladies to the Field Club for some swimming.  Laney wasn’t sure about the baby pool at first, but warmed up to it eventually.

That night, Shannon and Mike came by for dinner and some pre-All Star game fun.  Delaney had planned to stay up and watch the game…hoping to catch a glimpse of Daddy, but she hit the sack around 7:30 and missed the end of the game by about 6 1/2 hours.

All in all, we had a great visit.  It was wonderful introducing Delaney to some of our favorite people, and showing her some of our favorite places!

Delaney Craves the Taste of Human Flesh Photo of the Day

Delaney Is Obviously Guilty of Something Photo of the Day

I know I haven’t updated the blog in a while but things have been crazy!  Sam and Laney took a trip to Longmeadow.  I went to the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium.  Bailey sniffed things.  I promise to post a lot more as soon as I get a few minutes.  Until then, here’s a new picture of Laney.

Delaney In Dramatic Lighting Photo of the Day

Delaney Celebrates Her First 4th of July Photo of the Day

Delaney Celebrates Her First 4th of July

Delaney Strikes A Pose Photo of the Day

Delaney Strikes A Pose

Delaney Attacked By Denim Photo of the Day

Delaney Attacked By Denim Photo of the Day