Delaney Takes ANOTHER Bath!

Undersea Delaney Photo of the Day

We’re starting to see a theme emerging with Delaney when it comes to water.  First she hated it.  Then she tolerated it.  Now she seems to love it and anything to do with it.  We’ve all seen her incredible kicking skills, so maybe she’s destined to be a swimmer, (which should make Cousin Mitch very happy.)

Here’s a picture of Laney with her new friend the Singing Seahorse which was originally given to ME by the VP of Sporting News, Online and friend Jeff Gerttula who joined us at her baby naming.  Unfortunately, when I was at work, Mom decided to give it to Laney.  Now I’m out one Singing Seahorse.

The sacrifices I make for my daughter.  Sigh.

Delaney and Her Singing Seahorse