Delaney Does Her Impression of E.T. Photo of the Day

Ok, so maybe I went a little overboard on the Beanie Babies… but they were on sale!!!  One day, Laney will be able to appreciate that these things used to be collectors items as she chews their ears and various other appendages off.  That’s fine, as long as she stays away from my autographed baseballs.

Delaney Does Her Impression of ET

Delaney Snuggles With Aunt Laurie Photo of the Day

Ok… I should have posted this one earlier, but Aunt Laurie hates every picture I take of her.  And now that she has access to one of them new-fangled computer-thingamabobs, she actually checks the blog out from time to time which means I risk my life whenever I post a picture of her.  I think she’d like this one though.  If not, I’m sure I’ll hear about when she emerges from hibernation and comes down the mountain for dry goods and pelts.

(UPDATE: We just received a threatening note from Boone via carrier pidgeon, but Aunt Laurie has agreed not to pursue legal action “on account of the photo of Delaney is soooooo cute. “)

Delaney Snuggles with Great Aunt Laurie

Delaney Thinks She’s Ed Grimley Photo of the Day

Delaney As Ed Grimley

Delaney’s Naming Ceremony: The Movie

We received a nice surprise last night when out of the blue we had a call from a videoprapher.  Seems that he was at the temple taping a Bar Mitzvah on the day of Laney Bug’s naming.  He was kind enough to cut the video and send it to us.  Now everyone can enjoy it.

Delaney Roslyn received her Hebrew name, Davida Rachel, in a ceremony at Temple Beth El in Charlotte on May 17, 2008.  Delaney was named after her Grandmother Diana (Davida) and her Great Grandmother Rose (Rachel.)

Delaney and Samantha Lose It

Laney laughs!  Up until now it’s only been a myth.  No one believed me because every time I got the camera out, she’d clam up.  But there was no containing her last night!

Although I only caught about a minute on video, this actually went on for about 4 or 5 minutes. Delaney had us all laughing which had her laughing which had us laughing which had her laughing… and so on.

I dare you not to laugh while you’re watching this.

Delaney’s a Happy Baby Photo of the Day

Delaney\'s a Happy Baby Photo of the Day

Delaney and Gil Go For A Swing

Delaney wants to introduce you to her new friend Gil.  Gil and Delaney hang out a lot together these days. Although it may look like Delaney is trying to eat Gil’s face off, you’d be wrong.  She’s actually trying to bite his head off.  Gil doesn’t seem to mind and that’s what makes them such good friends.

Delaney and a Huge Flower Photo Series of the Day

Delaney and Her Flower - Color

Deaney and Her Flower - Sepia

Delaney and Her Flower - Black and White

America’s Next Top Super Model, Jr. Photo of the Day

Delaney got her 3-month portraits done today!  We’re already fielding calls from reality shows, soaps and even several movie studios.  If you’re interested in hiring her, please contact her stage parents.

America\'s Next Top Super Model Jr.

Laney Bug and Her Bug Friend Photo of the Day

Laney Bug and Her Bug Friend