Delaney Kicks the Poop Out Of Dad While Looking Cool

Baby Business – 2 Months Edition

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since the big baby naming festivities.  We had a great time and loved having everyone here.  To keep the memories fresh in our minds we’ve been eating left overs all week.  (I’m soooo sick of cold cuts!!!)

In other baby news, Delaney had her two-month checkup and we’re happy to say that everything checks out.  We had her oil topped off and her rear end adjusted.  She also had her first shots which seemed a lot more painful for Mom and Dad then Laney Bug, but we’ve never been good with needles.

Laney is an over achiever and tips the scales at 14 lbs. while officially cracking the 2 foot mark at 24 1/2 inches.  This puts her in the 97th percentile for both.  At this rate, she’s still on track for 756 lbs. and 12 1/2 feet by the time she’s 9.

Thanx again for all of the well-wishes, cards, gifts and calls.  We miss you all.  Well, most of you.  You know who you are.

Crazy Laney!

Delaney’s Naming Photo Gallery

Here ya go!  If you’re an AOL member, you’ll need to log in.  If not, you’ll need to get an AOL or AIM account.  Let me know if you have any problems.

Delaney’s Naming Weekend Photo Gallery

A Delaney By Any Other Name

… is Davida Rachel.  Now remember, that’s Hebrew, so there’s extra chhhhh in “Rachel.”  That’s right!  Our li’l Delaney Roslyn now has a Hebrew name!  As with her English one, she is named after my mother Diana and Samantha’s grandmother Rose.

Delaney, Samantha and Shawn at Temple Beth El

The weather was amazing.  Not a cloud in the sky!  Grandpa Al, Grandpa Peter, Nana Marilynn, Aunt Judy, Uncle Harvey, Aunt Laurie, Uncle Jason, Aunt Shannon and Cousin Leeser (who arrived with a full Babies R Us in her suitcase, I swear!) all braved the throngs of NASCAR fans to join us at Temple Beth El Saturday morning for a couple of Bar Mitzvahs.  The rabbi saved the best for last and Delaney slept through the entire thing!  (I have to be honest.  I completely expected her to fill her diaper explosively during a nice quiet momemt of reflection.  The acoustics were amazing and it would have been epic!  But alas.  No poop for you.)

Everyone came over to the house afterward for a wonderful day of visiting, eating, telling Bailey no, eating, taking pictures, yelling at Bailey to stop and eating.  It was great to have everyone over and I hope we can do it again really soon.  Like next week.  Seriously.  We bought too much food at Costco.  You NEED to come here next week and eat.  PLEASE!

There are obviously waaaay too many pictures to post here, so I’ll put up a selection over the weekend.  Then I’ll make an AOL gallery and you can peruse them all at your leisure.


Delaney\'s Naming

Delaney and Samantha

Delaney and Aunt Judy

Delaney and Grandpa Peter

Delaney and Nana Marilynn

Delaney and Cousin Leeser

Meet the Goldsteins

Let the festivities begin!  With Delaney’s naming only a couple of days away, family and friends are starting to head to the Queen City.  Next to the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race at Lowes Motor Speedway, this is the biggest thing going in Charlotte this weekend!

Aunt Judy and Uncle Harvey decided to avoid the rush by coming up a little early to forage for twigs and berries with Aunt Laurie in the mountains but were able to stop by the Schrager Compound for a little quality time with their new Grand Niece… and Bailey of course.

Delaney and Great Uncle Harvey

Delaney and Great Uncle Harvey

Delaney and Great Aunt Judy and Great Uncle Harvey

Delaney with Aunt Laurie and Uncle Harvey

Just Goo It!

It’s hard to believe, but Delaney is blowing through all of her smaller baby clothes and size 1 diapers.  We just bought a box of 2’s!  She’s having trouble fitting in her 0-3 month outfits and never fit into her newborn stuff.  Luckily we have some larger items in the house for her to poop in.  Cousin Mimi works at Nike and Delaney loooooves her some Nike!  Not only does she fit comfortably in her stylin’ new Nike onesie, but Mom and Dad love the snaps that they use.  They are so much easier to use then regular buttons when Delaney decides to wiggle and kick and squirm.  Thanx Cousin Mimi!  We’ll never buy Reebok now! 

(Note: Nike did NOT pay for this commercial message… but if they’d like to send a check, Delaney wouldn’t send it back.)

Delaney Models a New Outfit from Nike

Delaney Daydreams of Yankee Dominance

It’s only a matter of time.  A matter of time before the Yankees win their 27th World Championship and a matter of time before Delaney takes her first trip to Yankee Stadium.  Sorry Mom.  It’s in her blood.  (And Dad says so.)

Delaney Daydreams of Yankee Dominance

Samantha’s First Mother’s Day

Samantha and Delaney\'s First Mothers DaySamantha and Delaney on Mother\'s Day 2008Samantha and Delaney on Mother\'s Day 2008

Delaney Tries to Get Milk from a Stone

Delaney and Sam came by the office today to have some lunch.  After Sam and I partook in some big-people food, Delaney finished off a nice bottle while she enjoyed the Charlotte skyline outside of my window.  Apparently 5 ounces of milk wasn’t enough, because when Sam picked her up after she finished the bottle, Delaney decided to try and get some desert from Sam’s knuckle.  She didn’t have much luck, but it was cute to watch!

Delaney Sucks on Mommy\'s Finger

Delaney Smiling Picture of the Day

Delaney Smiles Again!