Introducing Delaney Roslyn Schrager

Delaney Roslyn SchragerAt 5:03 PM ET on March 18th, Delaney Roslyn Schrager entered the world.

She was 9 lbs. 13 ounces and 22 inches long.  She has a full head of light brown hair and I don’t know when she had time to visit the salon, but it looks like she has highlights!  The nurses say they’ve never seen anything like it!

Mother and baby are doing very well.  Dad is doing much better now that he has access to the internet.  Details and photos to follow soon.

For those of you that don’t know, March 18th was my mother’s birthday and it’s also Uncle Jason’s and Cousin Alex’ birthday, so it’s a very special day in our family.

Delaney is named after my mother, Diana, her two great grandmothers (who both happen to be named Rose,) and her great great grandmother Rosalind.

There is a convoy of proud grandparents making their way north and they should be here tomorrow morning.

Samantha, Delaney, Bailey and Dad want to thank everyone for their well wishes.

Love ya!

Great. Another Stuborn Schrager

Welp, looks like Baby likes where she is for now.  Sam just came back from her doctor’s appointment, and although the baby’s droppePrincess Bailey patiently awaits the arrival of her baby sister.  30 seconds after patiently awaiting, she ran around the house for 15 minutes barking at wind.d from a -3 to a -2, there hasn’t been any further progress.  It looks like she might want to actually stay inside until her due date which is rapidly approaching.

We should know more on Tuesday when Sam has her next doctor’s appointment, but in Sam’s words, “I plan on being in the hospital, in labor, next Tuesday!”  So we may not need that appointment after all!

It seems everyone in the neighborhood and all of Sam’s co-workers have foolproof solutions for getting the baby to come.  Spicy food.  Pizza.  Screaming at your belly.  Playing Jimmy Buffet music with the earphones on your stomach.  It’s all very scientific.  Have I mentioned the people here in Charlotte scare me?

No one is more anxious then Bailey.  Here’s a picture of Princess Bailey patiently awaiting the arrival of her baby sister.  30 seconds after patiently awaiting, she ran around the house for 15 minutes barking at wind.  We’re so proud of her.

Stay tuned!

School’s Out

Welp, today is Sam’s last day of school.  She’s still going to go in tomorrow to help the sub get situated, but she’s done until next year.  Now she’ll have plenty of time to “nest” at home.  The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system just took a huge hit.  Hopefully they can hold things together until Sam gets back.

No one is happier than Bailey.  Now she can terrorize the neighborhood kids all day long.  More importantly she can spend more time every day barking at dust and air.  She’s great at that.  Don’t underestimate air.  If Bailey wasn’t there to bark at it, who knows what would happen.

Progress Report: Progress!

Sam just had her weekly doctor’s appoint and things have started to progress!  She is almost 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced so things are moving along.  The baby still hasn’t dropped yet and she hasn’t completely turned, but it’s still early.  Sam’s next appointment is next Friday.  We’ll know a lot more then… unless we know a lot more sooner than that!

Ok.  This thing is real.   This could be our last weekend without a daughter in the house.  Bailey is gonna be pissed!  Gotta run.  I think I need to buy diapers.


Bark.  Bark.  Sniff.  Bark.  BARK!  BARK BARK BARK!!!  Sniff.  Grrrrrrrrrrr.  BARK!  Bark.  Bark.  Chew.  Chew.  Poop.  Chew.  Eat.  Eat.  Drink.  Eat.  Bark!  BARK!  Run.  Run.  Run.  Run.  Run.  BARK!  Jump.  Jump.  Bark.  Pee.  Bark.  BARK.  GRRRRRR!!!!!  Bark.  Bark.  Bark.  Sniff.  Bark.  BARK!  BARK BARK BARK!!!  Sniff.  Grrrrrrrrrrr.  BARK!  Bark.  Bark.  Chew.  Chew.  Poop.  Chew.  Eat.  Eat.  Drink.  Eat.  Bark!  Vote Obama.

What’s In A Name? Letters Dummy!

We just wanted to give everyone a head’s up.   We are planning on having a Naming Ceremony, but it’s not going to be for a couple of months.  We wanted to try and make it as convenient as possible for anyone that might want to come.  (But we totally understand if people can’t.  Please don’t feel obligated!)  We tried to avoid all other family events and tried to pick a date that would not conflict with any big events in Charlotte… besides my birthday, that is.

Sooo… We are shooting for the weekend of May 18th.  We still have to try and finalize the details with the temple, so it’s not official, but it seems to be the weekend that works out best for the most people.   And for those of you who love NASCAR and want to get your redneck on, you could visit Lowes Motor Speedway on May 17th for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race and stay until May 25th and enjoy the Coca-Cola 600.   Yee.  Haw.

Oh!  Will you look at that!!!  It also happens to be the weekend of MY birthday!  How conveeeeenient!  Feel free to brings me gifts.  I’m registered at Best Buy.  Daddy needs a 72-inch, hi-def, plasma screen TV.  Baby would want me to be happy.  She’s so unselfish.

More info to come as we get it.

BLOG Is Not A Four-Letter Word! Oh, Wait…

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs.  You’re excited, I can tell.  You feel like you’re doing something edgy.  Something hip.  Something all those crazy kids keep talking about using their weird, scary words.  This is Web 2.0 baby!  The 21st century!  This is the future!  YEAH!!!Samantha’s Belly

Relax.  It’s just a blog.  Any numb nut can have one these days.  I’m a shining example of that.  I just figured with Baby Schrager on the way, this might be the best way to communicate to people who wanted the latest info on the big event.  There might even be pictures if I can find someone who has a camera.

The blog also makes it easy for everyone to chat with each other, leave comments, ask questions and generally harass me.  I’m glad I thought of it, (after reading The Playskool Guide for Expectant Fathers…seriously.  Look at page 232.)

I think this is going to be our main source of communication over the next few weeks.  I’ll be able to write updates from the hospital as well since our room will have WiFi.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to kill.

I hope everyone is doing well and we’ll chat soon.