BLOG Is Not A Four-Letter Word! Oh, Wait…

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs.  You’re excited, I can tell.  You feel like you’re doing something edgy.  Something hip.  Something all those crazy kids keep talking about using their weird, scary words.  This is Web 2.0 baby!  The 21st century!  This is the future!  YEAH!!!Samantha’s Belly

Relax.  It’s just a blog.  Any numb nut can have one these days.  I’m a shining example of that.  I just figured with Baby Schrager on the way, this might be the best way to communicate to people who wanted the latest info on the big event.  There might even be pictures if I can find someone who has a camera.

The blog also makes it easy for everyone to chat with each other, leave comments, ask questions and generally harass me.  I’m glad I thought of it, (after reading The Playskool Guide for Expectant Fathers…seriously.  Look at page 232.)

I think this is going to be our main source of communication over the next few weeks.  I’ll be able to write updates from the hospital as well since our room will have WiFi.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to kill.

I hope everyone is doing well and we’ll chat soon.